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in urban life, we often use the bus to travel tools, but need to wait for a lot of time many times, people often can’t wait. Zhengzhou bus now how to walk, passengers say? From August 10th onwards, Zhengzhou bus three companies for the city to launch customized bus services, that is, passengers will soon be able to enjoy the private custom exclusive service.

Zhengzhou three bus companies commitment to the community: from August 10, 2016 onwards, all in the same place or area near the same time, there are more than 10 collective travel, go to any place in Zhengzhou, the opening of the "private custom" bus service hotline, Zhengzhou three bus companies will provide the "point", "door to door one-stop service.

it is understood that during the summer, parents take their children to go out to play for the southern region, the increase in travel, Zhengzhou three bus company opened 4 bus lines have arrived at the scenic Cherry Valley scenic area, 187 Road, 722 road to Zhengzhou Arboretum Area, arrived at the Houzhai Mu grape base 268 and arrived at Jiangang Reservoir Scenic Area 179 Road, Zhengzhou three bus companies to gradually open the new scenic route, connecting scenic route and has been opened, but how to get the specific line of these scenic spots? Which spots are strung together? Where is the station? Bus companies also want to listen to the views of the public.

at the same time, Zhengzhou bus three companies and specialized in the introduction of the environmental protection of 60 pure electric buses. At present, Zhengzhou three bus companies, from small bus to bus 13.7 meters range, the vehicle is a brand of Yutong Bus (600066, shares), both the appearance, handling, comfort, comfort and safety or ride, have reached the high-grade commercial standard, various models travel, quality assurance, more assured, there is always a car to meet your needs.

enterprise long-term car commuting, shuttle, conference car, school staff take bus, school activities cars, holidays, school students focus on back to school, friends and relatives around the area of collective travel, temporary car and public events such as weddings and marriage car and any batch of vehicles and so on, any demand for customized services, can contact. All driving custom bus "by more than 10 years driving experience, and won the excellent bus three-star and above as long, safety and service are guaranteed.

custom bus is a public transportation service mode between regular bus and taxi to the bus lines between the relative in the same area, the same time, with the same travel demand customized with customized bus.

the bus for Zhengzhou the introduction of the new policy, to facilitate the majority of passengers recommended further

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