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shop display how to do, will be able to directly affect the image of a store in the eyes of consumers, so if you want to make a shop business is hot, it is necessary to do a good job of display layout. Retail terminal display of goods layout, mode, effect, is a reflection of the operating position, is a manifestation of the marketing concept, reflects the operator’s attention to the development of shops and quality positioning. The customer display services, especially for the new terminal user guidance on display with short cycle, achievement of high visibility, customer perceived quality good advantage, is the best starting point of marketing staff to provide professional services to customers.

enhance customer display management capabilities, especially for the new modern terminal households, which is not only the first step, but also a key step in follow-up follow-up services. Carry out this service, not only a single kind of display design in the regional or local cigarette, from the overall focus, the fine start, take into consideration. Will be built modern user terminal common problems, common in three aspects.

is a pattern problem. Due to the layout of the store inside the store, the counter is unreasonable, resulting in the utilization of the store space is not high, poor store display aesthetics, especially in the living area and business district superimposed, it is unclear. Two is the concept of the problem. Customer is too quick, on the benefit of short-term profit, and heavy investment in light; as the lack of originality, stereotype, less action. Three is a professional problem. Customers are the first line of business, explore professional knowledge from the hard work, in such a passive way, lack the necessary knowledge of the terminal sales, rarely from the perspective of consumers planning to shop, only from the convenience of access management and sale, blindly increase the types of goods, is not conducive to the management of goods, and easy to make the store messy.

from the point of view of terminal services practice, optimize the layout of the store for customers, increase and expand the sample area is the starting point of improving customer service business. In the specific work can be carried out from three aspects.

1. shop layout planning

shop layout, is based on the characteristics of the store space, with shelves, counters to form a beautiful, comfortable, high utilization of display space. To help customers achieve this effect, the pattern design should pay attention to meet the requirements of the four aspects.

primary layout full, that the whole shop can give people a sense of orderly texture. Because of the shop, the consumer into the store to see the goods, goods like furniture, is the best store, the necessary furnishings. Goods displayed on the shelf, there are eye-catching, full, high-end advantages; shelves from top to bottom, the characteristics of three-dimensional layout, but also in line with the visual habits of people to examine objects. It can be said that the key to the layout of the store in the shelf, shelf use need to grasp the three principles.

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