Workaholic Hu Yibao two years to achieve the entrepreneurial dream

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want to harvest more, it is necessary to pay more, entrepreneurship is so. Only hard and sweat in exchange for entrepreneurial results. Today, let us work together to understand a pioneering "workaholic".

The first problem is to start the

A year after the

at once with the specialty of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics teacher’s conversation, Hu Yibao learned that the investment project must choose the advantages of the project and sustainable development projects. As a popular profession in the current market, the teaching service industry has a great prospect. Hu Yibao Time will not wait for me., choice of teaching low-end and high-end business strategy, on the one hand, the accounting qualification exam training across the development of low-end; on the other hand, with the domestic well-known school cooperation in the development of high-end accounting skills training, by the school to provide professional courses for the students to learn. In this way, relying on two-way synchronization of business strategy, only six months, flying education customers will break 3000 people, when turnover exceeded $1 million, driven by more than 10 college graduates employment.

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