Why the stars open Taobao shop so make money

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they have such a common: everyone is known to all, is a popular star. They were opened their own shop at Taobao, doing business in all walks of life: digital home appliances, clothing, food, bags, cosmetics, jewelry, articles, books and records…… Everything is contained therein。 Because of the title of the stars, these shops have a different appeal.

in Taobao tens of thousands of shops, there is a special "Star shop" channel. In this channel, you will see nearly 300 shop owner: Jimmy Lin, Liu Yan, Li Dongtian, Li Xiaoran, Zeng Yike, Hu Yanbin, Zhou Bichang, Landy Wen, Guo Jingfei, Xu Jinglei, Nicky Wu, Ada Choi, Chen Sicheng, Lin Chiling, Kenji Wu, Yang Lan, Annie Yi, Kenny Ho, Show Luo, JJ Lin, Carina Lau……

and tens of thousands of small stars, such as some only played minor roles, oneself hasn’t developed yet famous actor or singer, model, they opened the Taobao store tend to take care of himself, personally when customer service.

In fact, for most

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record harvest!

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