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said that the current business promotion, but the store will use a strategy, however, how to carry out promotional activities, how to improve store sales promotion, this is also a lot of shops need to consider the issue. In this regard, Liu Xianzhi has his own opinion. One day in March this year, I went to Dezhou to purchase and around Australia De Le mall, saw the four floor of the women’s area full of people together, it is a group that is engaged in promotional activities, the purchase of goods in the women’s area of over 200 yuan, have a chance to play games.

the game is very simple, is to store the waiter to a customer’s eyes, let her turn after five laps, and then squatting on the ground, by another customer command to find small ball, placed in the ground after the success, which can obtain the mall with scarves, hairpin type the gift package. This is a very simple but very interesting interactive games, attracting a lot of customers, in an inconspicuous corner of the mall, set off a small sales climax".

which I have learned: there are quite a number of people, they took a job as shopping leisure activities, when shopping, they often aimlessly browsing, the consumer is the potential customers, if this novel shop without losing the benefits of promotional activities to attract their attention, can help they quickly make shopping decision. Because, in today’s rapid economic growth, consumers are not only satisfied with the need to buy things, they are more willing to enjoy the fun of shopping.

open shop to do business, regardless of season or the season, all cannot do without the promotion, but we like the small shops have no way of advertising money as large enterprises, when there are promotional activities, I will hang the attractive red banners in the shop around, read "mother’s day shopping win gift to give Mom", "mid send Hao Li" and other words, very eye-catching, and totally different style of other shops, pedestrians far can see that many customers is to see the banner after walked into the store.

I use the promotional tools are also: in the vicinity of the neighborhood to distribute the leaflets shop. I shop is the main source of households around the District, so I chose to use the way of publicity leaflets within the scope of publicity, expand the visibility and influence of the store. The cost of printing leaflets is not much, but it can also be better to attract customers in the store to buy a send a promotional activities. Last August, the store purchased new new cigarette "diamond (Mountain Resort)" in the future, I have a small blackboard in front of the store and write notices: each buy a box of "diamond (Mountain Resort), the a lighter or a fine tip.

because I choose to give a small gift and cigarettes have a complementary relationship, the promotion of all of a sudden

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