Guangzhou catering channel network to identify new strategic cooperation 2016

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2016 has just started, the units are to determine the direction of the development of the new year and detailed guidelines. The day before, the channel network group and Guangzhou Tak catering Cci Capital Ltd was held in Beijing in 2016 the direction of cooperation strategy seminar.

2016 catering investment market will be a year of resource integration, especially for businesses with investment demand. The channel network should be given more customized services, service content from each specific details, the service team also must be professional and experienced service team, in order to better the needs of enterprises, with the fastest speed, the highest efficiency of execution, so as to establish a platform for direct communication between the two sides.

Mr. You Dongyun, chairman of

A number of functional departments of

2016 years will be the rapid development of investment in the year, in the promotion of entrepreneurship support policies, the majority of entrepreneurs to join the business can enjoy the latest and most comprehensive help, in the ocean of entrepreneurship Yang Fan advance.

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