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the first thing to note is that I am very much in favor of the government on the Internet strict cleanup jurisprudence drug-related and other illegal websites, which not only ensures our Internet space clean, but also to avoid the corrosion of Internet pornography on social morality in a great degree, but the specific method, beg to differ.

pornography for legitimate personal website in the Internet, affect the enterprise website, I do not want to repeat here; a large number of sites were suddenly close up, no explanation, no report, has visited the site cannot be found, until I have become a victim. For this kind of behavior, what can we do? We can only say that our country’s legal system construction and democracy is too far away from others.

now take a look at the recent introduction of a series of policies on the Internet:

1, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announcement stipulates that from December 14th at about 9 a.m., individual users will no longer have the domain name registration.

regardless of the provisions of this article is legitimate, it lead to the most direct consequence is that the international domain name registration surge in foreign purchases in the server space, causing a lot of money out of the country, to suppress the CN domain activity, also more suppression of the Internet in the road of innovation Chinese.

2, overseas registered international domain name shall not be used for Chinese business.

December 16th, China’s Ministry of industry and information technology, the organization of the national domain name registration services and management agencies, held a special action meeting in Beijing. News came from the meeting, in addition to China does not resolve the domain name is not registered, the international registration of international domain name may not be used for Chinese business.

China is already a member of the WTO, and the accession to the WTO is subject to a number of international rules, including the principle of free trade. Overseas registered domain name shall not be used for Chinese business, clearly inconsistent with the principle of freedom of the WTO information industry. Now a large number of domestic enterprises, including some state-owned enterprises are all registered domain names of international domain names, can not do business in China?

but this requirement can be saved to prohibit individuals registered CN domain loss, as a result, a large number of enterprises need to re register the domain name in China, a large number of businesses need to enter the China company need to register domestic domain name, but this wishful thinking can play loud? American people to


3, foreign domain name list system

industry is expected, which means that China’s Internet will implement the white list system. Once the measure of large-scale promotion, in addition to a large number of international large sites, there is no record outside the site, will not be able to resolve the domain name technically, in China can not visit. As a result, it is not deprived of the right to freedom of Internet users, so that people once again return to the era of information without blocking the Internet


we also want to see the role of the network in promoting social progress. From the tiger to Zhou Jiugeng to Lin Jiaxiang…… The Internet has played a huge

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