How to change your site visitors to your customers

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site built, the most important task is to attract visitors, so that more people to visit. However, very few people go to find out how many of these visitors have become your customers?

data show that more than 50% of the visitors stay on the site for no more than 10 seconds. These visitors may have inadvertently entered a link, but found that the content of the site is not what they need; or just to enter the site that no interest, and hurried away.

let the superficial type of visitors to become your customers very little possibility. If you want to make the site visitors to your customers, the most important thing is to allow visitors to stay longer, even if just stay for a second, will increase the probability of cooperation.

1 provides information about website visitors

want to know what is the visitors interested in information on the site planning, we should do a good job of "customer needs analysis, analysis of visitor concerns, such as export-oriented enterprises, customers are more concerned about is the delivery of the authentication information, factory production strength, guarantee etc.. Consumer goods companies, customers are more concerned about the characteristics of the product, customer service, sales outlets, etc.. The information provided by the website is different for different customers.

2 provides a friendly and comfortable interface

bear in mind the principle: turn off the site is much easier than open the site. Web site open speed, page design, color matching, layout…… Every little detail can cause the user to leave. If you want to keep your visitors, we must carefully take care of the customer’s experience, do not think that visitors will come again and again, a bad site experience, it is difficult for visitors to visit the two.

3 provides convenient communication with visitors

to provide clear communication, such as telephone, email, online messages, etc., can increase the determination of visitors to cooperate. As long as the visitors advice, it is tantamount to a big step towards cooperation.

, however, some companies in order to increase the communication with the visitors, the installation of the online customer service system, visitors to open a web page, it pops up the customer service dialog box, closely follow the visitor mouse movement. The intention is good, but let visitors have the feeling of being monitored. It’s like when you’re in a store, sales people are following you.

in enterprise website management, not only to consider how to attract visitors, improve site visits; to consider how to retain visitors, the site visitors into customers, the real "sales force" website

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