Buy the site is expected to lay a substantial layoffs worrying

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is the most recent group purchase website reported: Gaopeng group purchase massive layoffs, began to dig high back staff, and did not give the corresponding price, now also began layoffs, but is this play is the play. Kedeng blogger is not the industry, it is impossible to know which insider, the reason why the company will be large-scale layoffs, nothing more than the effectiveness of recession, can only take the method of layoffs. Buy site development process is not very long, why we are optimistic about the situation, there will be such a situation, buy the future of the site is worrying.

When the time to enter the domestic

friends, have beauty group and handle, group purchase website development up to now, large and small group purchase station is also a lot of friends, goal is to defeat the small group purchase website, but it did not reach their goals, where many of the group purchase site Gaopeng future, the future of how in? How to develop the

group purchase website?

first: the need for a huge user base. The reason why Groupon and Tencent, valued or Tencent’s huge user base, group purchase website is facing the majority of consumer groups, not only is a field of consumer groups, to spread to every field of life services will be accepted by more people. In the case of Taobao’s rapid development, if you can not expand the scope of the group, it can only be defeated by Taobao.

secondly: precise positioning. If your site is not like Gaopeng that have no way to invest in each field involved, you can choose a precise positioning. Accurate positioning of the small group buying site is a good way to buy the reason why the hearts of the people, the key is because the price problem, has been endorsed by consumers. It would be nice if you could do it in a certain area. The life of the Group buy site development has been saturated, but the webmaster class buy site is rare, as a webmaster I can not enjoy the preferential buy. According to statistics reported to enter China’s cPanel control panel, after joining the IDC buy site, sales are increasing. Therefore, the owners of the group buying is also a piece of fat, it depends on whether you will eat.

again: combined with the electricity supplier website. Buy site is also a website, webmasters also need to promote, but for the promotion of the site to buy, bloggers think the best way is to combine the electricity supplier station, the use of e-commerce to marketing website. Now people’s life will have most of the consumption is reflected in the Alipay in the online shopping, you become popular, but also has a website group purchase price advantage, in order to get the consumption of people, should not be difficult, the key is to find a way to get people to understand the group purchase station. Now the effect of social media communication is also very good, which can not help but buy one of the development of the situation.

last: understanding the consumer. Buy the site’s marketing is: life service plus regional sales. As well as the portal, in order to have a good sales, the local people’s living standards, living habits should be >

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