7 mistakes you should avoid in social media marketing

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lead: many companies on how to use social media as a marketing plan for a part of the rational use, still exist misunderstanding. Whether your company is the persistent misunderstanding / misuse of victims of



The importance and effectiveness of

social media as a mainstream marketing tool is no news for us. HubSpot’s latest research report shows that in the past two years, the global consumer spending on social media increased by 250%. Even small retailers have recognized the importance of social media as a highly efficient marketing tool. But there is a misunderstanding about how to use social media as part of the marketing plan, which is hurting the brand.

Whether your company is

these persistent misunderstanding / misuse of victims? May wish to ask yourself the following questions:

1 do you use consistent, recognizable brand image and style in all social media channels to attract and maintain your fans?

Amazon, Square, GoDaddy and other social media leaders, the social media interaction with art forms packed into storytelling skills. You can learn a few things from them. The Taghit company (Target) and rainbow Mars (Skittles) also through the Facebook page to introduce their brand story in a visual and memorable way.

2 do you use social media to interact to make your brand more human?

look at the method of Unilever to promote its AXE brand men’s products in its Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In the view of Unilever, AXE "is not only a leading male personal care products, it represents a way of life, a unique experience through men live, work and entertainment to touch a way of life on behalf of their inner brand."

CONVERSE brand through the daily use of their products in the process of establishing their social media network, a lot of content from the worship of the brand, willing to interact with the brand of the public. Perhaps the best way to do this is to be able to do it well (Nutella), which uses a very good timeline link, with its original and impressive way of making it stand out from many brands. Many brands make the brand look humane by bringing people into the production process. In social media channels to ask some interesting and even bizarre questions, interact with your audience, and maintain a sense of humor, which can quickly become part of your brand commitment.

3 do you have a "voice" on social media that is consistent with the brand management and is in sync with

?It’s not an easy task for

to develop and deliver a unified social media brand voice. At this point, >

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