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Admin5 webmaster network on September 18th, the reporter learned from the Asian domain name dispute resolution center, Adidas recently retrieved domain name through arbitration, the current domain is still locked.

according to the adndrc public information, in September 9, 2008, the original registered "Putian news network" domain name registration, use the domain name to build the site, the sale of counterfeit Adidas products, and the page prominently marked "Adidas official website", "Adidas China official website" propaganda ". Adidas believes that the original registration is squatting, misleading. On 3 July 2009, the adndrc filed a complaint.

after the investigation, the adndrc believes that "" is confusingly similar to the recognition part and the rights of the trademark "Adidas Adidas", and the original registrant of the domain name does not have any rights or legitimate interests, their actions constitute malicious cybersquatting. The center ruled that the Putian life network should be unconditional transfer of the domain name to Adidas.

reporter query Whois information discovery, the current domain name is Prohibited (protection) state, has not been transferred to the name of Adidas.

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