Live a hundred or listed in the year 500 million financing airbnb’s biggest rival in China

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Abstract: hate to be said to be rich two generations of Zhang Hengde looks like a 90 entrepreneurs, when a child as a hacker, worship of Bill Gates, back to his dog named Bill Gates. But more often than those exposed to the media after 90 more polite, 85 year old Zhang Hengde was born in the name of the media is now active in the field of activities and 90 entrepreneurs to experience the life of the children.

announced in August this year to complete the B round of financing overseas short rent brand one hundred lives today announced a strategic partnership with Hainan Airlines, Hainan Airlines will provide not less than the amount of investment of 500 million yuan.

in overseas short rent as the entry point, mainly Chinese custom sublimation travel, live 100 is the biggest rival airbnb in Chinese market. If the target population of airbnb is more overseas experience, like the risk of the crowd, or to foreigners based; live hundreds of services is the Chinese outbound tourists. This year, anglebaby and other stars have to go abroad to live through the reservation of hundreds of homes and drying room photos on micro-blog. August live in the B round of financing, Angelababy and other co sponsored AB Capital also listed in the investor.

in live hundreds of Beijing headquarters of the company and the Shenzhen branch of the open office on the wall, are close to the "next year" goal to live hundreds of posters, founder and CEO Zhang Hengde said, after the C round will open one hundred lives listed on the journey. Zhang Hengde on Chinese entrepreneurs, said the new board is not prepared for the listing. September 16th, he shared in the circle of friends to live a hundred times boarded the New York Times Square NASDAQ photos.

HNA Group also said that the cooperation will make full use of its advantages in terms of cross-border tourism sources and live hundreds of carry out extensive and in-depth strategic cooperation, help achieve rapid growth in hundreds of registered users and business income, to live hundreds of early realization of IPO.

signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Zhang Hengde said, live hundreds of daily expenses of cash flow is good, a good capital surplus, in order to accelerate the financing rate is in the capital of a small winter in the long-term operations, namely the gateway leading horses did not move. B round in August is a round of financial investment, the HNA tourism cooperation is major strategic investment. At the same time will also be prepared to refinance the future. The future of the airport advertising, the line to connect services and charter flights and other business will have a series of cooperation. Accommodation is part of the order for the non standardized accommodation, and the other is a large ticket and destination. After the purchase of accommodation to ancillary products have a certain viscosity and demand, through the Crowdsourcing form, then more by other subsidiary of Kaiser and HNA’s tourism.

According to the

data of 2014 Chinese overseas tourism market, free travel accounted for 70-80%, compared to the previous year increased 20%, showing explosive growth trend. 87% choose to travel together, Backpackers is not mainstream. The average residence time is over five days. More than three people, five days >

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