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this is less than a centimeter high, but the length of more than a dozen centimeters rectangular (precise data is: Google 448*28, Baidu 356*28), called search. He is like the distance between two hands of a magician, which contains answers to most of the questions that you want to know, and contains a lot of information that you want or don’t want to know. All in such a frame.

if we enter keywords, in this case in the enter, the page Jump, a large number of information presented in front of. This is the basic process to complete a search process. So, it seems that all search engines are the same. But if you look carefully, you will find that the mainstream search engine in the search box function, innovation is a certain difference.

Baidu search box: search box prompt


search box prompts you to enter a number of keywords in the search box, and the drop-down menu appears with a number of highly relevant words or sentences. This has become almost all the standard search. Its main purpose is two, one is to reduce the user’s input costs, according to statistics, can reduce the user input cost of 33%. Two is to achieve more accurate and functional search results, improve search experience. Although the major search engines have achieved this feature. But Baidu search box tips, with its unique characteristics. First, relying on big data, Baidu can monitor real-time hot keywords, search box prompts and users to type a higher degree of lexical relevance. Second, as early as in 2010, Baidu opened to the majority of the owners of this feature to achieve the popularity of this feature, other search engines are open code, not yet known.

do not look down on this micro innovation, if we carefully contrast will find that the search box to enhance some of the keywords and product optimization keywords coincide. As SEOer often choose keywords and distress, especially when faced with a large number of candidate keywords, the keywords are preferred, the row, often indecisive. In fact, we can according to some key words in the search box to select the prompt, select those who have the key words, these keywords are often hot search keywords. This is one of. Second, SEO in the high weight of the site to publish information or the chain, if the site embedded Baidu search, the same can be prompted by its search box, select the appropriate keywords. Key words should be reflected in the chain as well as the site of the soft Wen released, in order to attract more users to read.

Google search box: personalized search

Google search box in addition to Baidu and similar search box tips, there is no special. But Google’s news search page, the search box function, some places still worth mentioning. Google has been trying a personalized search. This experiment in Google news search page has applications. Google news search page has a personalized settings, users can choose different types of news presentation. Including domestic, international, sports, entertainment and other options. Since Google has such a product, the

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