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[Abstract] with a variety of WeChat electricity supplier, "derivative" has gradually become a hot words, hot degree comparable to the year Taobao owner. In a series of shop tools, low threshold shop for many small businesses, the temptation to start self-employed are ready to. With the gradual development of this model, WeChat gradually emerged in the pocket shopping micro shop, micro shop mainly meow C2C mode (the platform sellers partial small, self-employed, no business qualifications) and B2C mode to the Jingdong micro shop, pat micro shop, pocket pass, micro platform (such as the seller is small and medium-sized businesses, a slightly larger scale, has the qualification of enterprise).

On this basis,

also began to explore the future of these two models. The day before, the third party service providers micro WeChat founder and CEO Sun Taoyong to billion state power network said that in his view, B2C is a derivative of the future.

following Sun Taoyong readme:


many friends mistakenly believe that the derivative is the future of this batch of sellers circle of friends, in fact not. I think the definition of micro providers should be mobile social electricity supplier, people in the shopping decisions in the evaluation and recommendation of friends more and more important. Micro business is definitely not at the end of this batch of sellers circle of friends, this group of people just by the circle of friends in the early period of dividends over exploitation, will eventually be shuffling. Product quality, category selection, logistics, rights are essential, so the final model is C2B2C, in fact, is B2C.

Tencent use WeChat in the layout of the electricity supplier has begun to take shape, whether it is to provide a shopping portal for Jingdong, public comment, Didi taxi or restart pat network. At present, there are three main forms of WeChat electricity supplier: O2O, C2C, B2C, I think the future of micro business or B2C.

from the entire ecological electricity supplier, O2O is playing capital and platform, although we are crying, but the market is not very mature, the integration of resources, cultivate the market takes enormous time and money cost, from the current third party development, we are only in the water, has not formed the scale effect; C2C looks good. But there are many defects, because C2C are small sellers, which means that the product supply is not stable, the quality can not be guaranteed, rights difficult; also there is no unified entrance. These drawbacks can be seen from the individual small sellers will not become a very mature electricity supplier model.

on the other hand, from the ecological development of Taobao can also be seen in the final ecology of WeChat must be from C2C to B2C, and ultimately to achieve user reputation, to meet the user’s experience, must be B2C mode.

2015, a trend which cannot be halted mobile providers, Taobao will transfer 8 million sellers will inject new vitality to the mobile market, tens of millions of micro business will usher in a blowout development.

I think the 2015 micro ecological business will show the following characteristics: < >

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