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Internet is explosive development today, many people have their own blog or personal website, a lot of people have become a webmaster. To profit for the purpose of the webmaster are eager for their products and services to get the most extensive publicity for most people to understand and accept. For the private space of the webmaster also want their own life experience, their own happiness and share, in general, the webmaster want their website to promote.

therefore, Laoxie think as a grassroots webmaster must master some small business experience, user management of the quality of the station. The following is the author believes that grassroots webmaster must have the quality:

1, will focus on new things

new things tend to attract the attention of the majority of Internet users, the ancients said: "the early bird catches the worm", as a webmaster to advance awareness, not good stuff is original, although a lot of things is plagiarism, plagiarism as long as early, you can also copy in time is a piece of.

2 master SEO

SEO technology is a profound art is not the ordinary people can understand the grassroots webmaster very cow SEO is a excellent natural, but if not also never mind, as long as you know the general knowledge of SEO is OK! Have the time to "network" and "webmaster" look out SEO, master the knowledge is not difficult. Deliberately pursue SEO optimization is not desirable, as long as we keep making the taboo search engine on the line


3, will look at statistics

statistics are generally in the station outside the station traffic statistics and statistics, the station statistics can check the quality of their work can also know your IP’s from there, which place to many people, how come, the family is here to see what. Outside the station statistics can know what the current Internet users concerned, what kind of content can attract Internet users and so on, so you can publish content positioning. The two key caught up hair after more at ease.

4, will publish the essence of Posts

as a grassroots webmaster occasionally write something rich in their original website is essential. So many webmasters like to go to the famous website to publish soft. This seems to be a very good idea, but the webmaster to remember, published on the site to others in the text first on their website, we all know the same things often the original content in the search engine ranking is better, so as the original things naturally first in his own website, let the first search engine included, and over a period of time and then reproduced in the form to the others to stand up. Although the beginning of the order of the effect is not obvious, do not stand for two days a day, I believe you will understand the passage of time.

5, will do network Notepad

6 will write soft

soft is a very cheap, but the effect is very good website propaganda means. Thank you for writing

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