Talk about my 2009 Wangzhuan experience

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I’d like to introduce myself, 06 years from a three stream school, learn professional garbage after work, so it is easy to find. In a national supermarket chain for more than 1 years, and later jumped to a foreign leather shoes agent company to work, after the end of the year because of the award and the boss was very unhappy, decided to resign.

remember in February when his resignation, after also don’t want to find a job, just then just contact Wangzhuan, decided to make Wangzhuan, look can earn money. To get main pig Witkey, not because what professional technology, can only be made on behalf of the registered post, do. In the pig eight quit post is about 0.2-0.5 yuan a post, very tired, to go to the major forum registration post, can not be deleted, is not calculated to delete the remuneration. The average day can send dozens of posts, earn a few dollars 10. Registration is not good to do, and some require to verify the phone number, so only once. And these tasks are not many, a few days to do so, 1-3 yuan 1 tasks. These 2 add up to an average of more than and 20 points per day, in February are getting this, earned a total of $700.

in March when the chance to know Taobao guest, decided to join try. When people do less, I remember that in a relatively large local forum issued a summary of such shop posts, then owner didn’t know advertising, back to my top 3 days, traffic reached 6000 times, after received more than and 500 Commission, ha ha. At the time that Taobao customers promising ah, to make a big fight. Who knows a few days later I found that the owner is advertising, my post deleted, depressed. After being introduced in other forums, but as more and more people know the guest, owner also began to strike, more and more difficult.

began to do his own station in May. When it comes to standing I was a rookie, will only do static station, but also do not understand art. Began to get a breast enhancement method station (, only a few articles. Mainly used to sell Taobao breast products. Due to the lack of publicity, and now only a few dozen IP every day. Do not look at my station IP less, every month can also sell a few breast enhancement products, there are a few hundred dollars of income, ha ha, in general, is quite satisfied. 5-9 month has been getting this station and the promotion of the major forums, the average monthly income of more than 1 thousand, just enough living expenses and rent, no one remaining.

in October decided to do more than a few stations, see if you can get more revenue. It took me a week to get my Taobao men’s shopping guide online. A very simple station, only 10 pages. Taobao men’s clothing. Station to do, everywhere promotion, but in the BD rankings always go up, and the back is punished. In the GG in the first page, but with fewer people GG, only a few dozen IP a day, depressed. Behind also made a Taobao snack network (, a single page, every day on the 20 IP. Up to now, I have 3 stations, add up to more than and 100 I> per day

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