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whether it is traditional blog marketing, forum marketing, or now popular social network marketing, micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing, they are inseparable from the valuable content. Content marketing is a very effective way of network marketing, content marketing does not need advertising or marketing can make customers get information, understand the information, and promote the exchange of information. Content marketing through the transfer of valuable content to the user information, and thus the establishment of effective communication with consumers.

content marketing is the key to the content of the consumer is attractive enough to resonate. So want to do content marketing, we must learn to optimize the content of the general content, including: text, pictures, video, news. The optimization of these four types of information sharing Daniel fish and your

1 text optimization

text information is the most common form, is what we are reading, text messages, text optimization should proceed from the following:

(1) text: "true and reliable information speculation false information hot recent firequot cannot escape legal sanctions; on the" two high "network defamation legislation. Not in order to win the attention of the user, and lose the most essential thing.

(2) users like content information: in-depth interpretation of industry information, sharing of combat experience, cutting-edge technology exploration

(3) content should have the basic attributes: readability, integrity, current affairs, uniqueness.

2 image optimization

"a good is worth thousands and thousands of words can express" image information, can be quickly accepted by the user, the rational use of images is the key to

content optimization

(1) is now very popular to the information map: information map by combining the knowledge of data, information, visualization, allowing users to look more intuitive, more easy to accept, get more information.

(2) image optimization strategy:

ALT attributes: easy to search engine included;

text description: easier for users to understand, memory;

size control: easy page loading.

3 video optimization

video than text, pictures at the same time to disseminate more information, more likely to be accepted.

(1) video does not necessarily require professional recording or script success, they just need to make the user feel interesting, happy or useful, convincing.

(2) video optimization to learn to build their own brand channels, through video to enhance brand awareness, the effect is very alarming.

(3) video optimization common points of attention:

video title: video title needs to attract viewers

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