Community e commerce increasingly warming communities into C2C base

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      if you think online shopping is to find a C2C simply pick the transaction, then you are a bit outdated. In the future, we must first find the information in the online shopping is open enough to enrich the community platform, and the community in the first exchange of friends, and then sell the shot.

Internet Data Center Research Director Fu Zhihua analysis: Community e-commerce will be one of the mainstream direction of the future development of the domestic C2C market."

noun interpretation

B2B: refers to the transaction between enterprises and enterprises;

B2C: meaning transactions between enterprises and individuals. C refers to the consumer, because the consumer English word is consumer, so

– C;

C2C: e-commerce between consumers and consumers. The model is characterized by the popularity of the transaction, because the transaction between individuals and individuals.

community into C2C base

C2C for China e-commerce features, Internet analysts, generous consulting general manager Cheng Tianyu believes that the "online purchasing behavior is short, after the completion of purchase, a lot of people will be feedback in the community, talking about something is good or not, this feedback will affect the behavior of other Internet users shopping. For example, pat Network rely on the Tencent as a whole resource construction from a group with the most users community shopping platform, many loyal QQ users do not even shopping search, but the first in the group of friends to consult. This recommendation between friends is more accurate and more reliable than the search, the user’s purchase behavior will have a greater impact."

Internet analyst Lv Bowang analysis pointed out that Baidu’s C2C community road is to rely on search engines and e-commerce closely linked. Internet users at the time of consumption, will first search through the contrast of each commodity, the search results are generally point to the Taobao C2C website, if Baidu has made its own C2C platform, users in the Baidu search results will guide the Baidu platform, which will retain a considerable part of the C2C user. Previously, Baidu has worked with eBay, eBay is fancy Baidu search resources. When Taobao, eBay and pat C2C before the three seats as scheduled, declared the Chinese online shopping market pattern after entering the redrawn the rapid growth stage. Along with pat, Baidu began to develop the network of e-commerce community depth, then announced the rise of the era of community e-commerce.

community shopping interactive strong

According to Analysys International Data

survey showed that nearly 75% of the users are most concerned about shopping website quality, followed by price. Because of the particularity of network consumption, Internet users in the network consumption of goods can not be personally identiifcation, before the appearance of Internet consumption behavior is more dependent on other buyers’ opinions and suggestions, and the Internet community interaction, "

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