2009 naugural Conference held in the western conference site in Xi’an

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            webmaster network admin5.com6 7 pm news, the First Inaugural Conference of the Western site alliance held in Xi’an, China Railway Traders Hotel (). The conference was organized by the Western webmaster alliance, Xi’an web site Daquan and green letter network co sponsored, the theme of the conference is unity, mutual assistance, sharing, exchange, win-win". From the guests on behalf of Dong Qinfeng, Guo Jijun, hadron and 150 Shaanxi webmaster attended the meeting.

Conference on behalf of the Dong and Guo Jijun first came to power to congratulate him, from the Admin5 webmaster network from the location of the site, such as the description of the grassroots webmaster how to do a successful webmaster. Think Dong Qinfeng laggards forum to share industry profit model: do not follow the trend to make a feature, the site must be extreme. SEO experts from Xi’an to share their experience in the field of SEO and the scene to answer questions. Do not deliberately pursue the site SEO, naturally SEO is the best seo. To their own grassroots webmaster and Xi’an after the station published their views on the internet. College Students Network Kang Kun speech vivid and humorous, arouse the audience in the atmosphere.

          afternoon 18:00 conference successfully concluded.


  participate in the meeting of the owners and guests



  the Western alliance webmaster webmaster presided over the general assembly of black rice


  laggards forum Dong Qinfeng speech


  Guo Jijun delivered a speech


    Dong Qinfeng laggards forum to share with you the industry profit model on



  Xi’an SEO expert Aspen share their SEO experience


  Xi’an local seo expert


Kang Kun questions students.  


Xi’an grassroots representatives speak




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