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Since 2010, micro-blog

as a kind of new media, more and more people’s attention, as a network engaged in the promotion of the people, of course, the use of micro-blog promotion is a method, very good, in the promotion before the first is to increase the amount of micro-blog’s own fans, after testing for more than a week, the number of micro-blog fans left reached 13540, since I come to talk this week and rapid increase of the fans. Please say something wrong.

first, do micro-blog, the most basic course is the need to pay attention to a registered micro-blog account, micro-blog registered account, the best to consider your future, micro-blog theme will tend to what direction, although in the early stage of the content may not do the theme, but the heart to have a bottom. This plays a key role in the amount of content on the fans after the upgrade.

second step, to add fans. In fact, at the beginning, most people should all think through the content to attract fans, at the beginning, I also walked this detour, the actual proof, good content, no one, no one, is no good. So, plus fans is the first thing after the registration account.

A method of

and fans, in addition to the application of the use of some mutual powder, mainly through the micro group in search and "mutual powder" related to the micro group to join the micro group, released their mutual powder news, someone will pay attention to you. And they have to look for the intention of each other in the micro powder people, the initiative to add the other concerned, in general, the information released in each of these groups will be back powder powder. It is important to note that the number of fans every day Sina attention is limited, but you are not limited to other people, so you can go to the powder first others, and other people back to powder you. In addition, the release of information in the micro group, are not limited, this, you can certainly pay attention to the upper limit, the message.

when your fans have climbed 2 thousand, relatively speaking, you can gradually improve the content, why is the threshold of 2 thousand, mainly because of the early fans are mutual powder to the Sina and micro-blog each attention is limited, it is 2 thousand people. How do you do not intend to be said to cheat powder, it can only retain fans through the content to improve the fans.

is absolutely necessary to do content. First of all, is the choice of the content of micro-blog, in general, the feelings of real news + jokes, these three types of popular. Of course, it is a reminder that each micro-blog try to carry a picture, as illustrated increase the forwarding rate of micro-blog. The quality of the content directly affects the key to increase the natural fans.

again, must be good at using the hot topic list for analysis, to participate in the hot topics and related topics in certain activities, and activities determined according to the positioning of their micro-blog theme related to good. In the process of promotion, you can cooperate with other Sina friends in the way to improve the frequency of hot topic participation, can drive the probability of seeing the event information in a short time.

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