New domain name application list 1930 of the world’s first 500 will be approved

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June 14th international news, last night, ICANN (ICANN) in London officially announced 1930 new gTLDs (New gTLD) application list, including English, French, Arabic, Chinese and other languages.

it is understood that the Internet domain name mechanism started forty years ago, only.Com and other international domain names in the operation of the application, the new domain name may be approved by more than 500 to more than 23.

, the China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) to apply for the company and the network two Chinese domain names, CITIC Group, Baidu, patriot and a number of enterprises are also involved in the application. A newly established Internet Co Zodiac technology to spend $20 million to apply for 15 new top-level domain, the number of applications for the largest number of Chinese domain names.

Zodiac company founder Zhuang Zhenhong is the international domain name (Internationalized Domain Names, referred to as IDN) promoter, known as the father of IDN. Zhuang Zhenhong believes that in the post.Com era, the new top-level domain global open applications is forty years of business opportunities, maximize China brands first and World Trade stand on the same starting line to pursue its own brand benefit.

experts said the new generic top-level domain will help improve the user awareness of the company’s brand, to help identify the domain name abuse and infringement, but also can improve the search engine optimization results, improve the brand of top-level domain name in the search engine ranking in the list, and then improve the enterprise or brand awareness.

new domain name gives users the right to choose more, especially the Chinese domain name users outside the.Com also appeared in the Chinese domain name.

June 20, 2011, ICANN decided to open the application of the new top-level domain, as of May 30, 2012, ICANN only rely on the application cost of the new top-level domain, it has achieved revenue of $350 million. June 22nd to 28, ICANN the forty-fourth session will be held in Prague, when the new top-level domain application list will become the focus of the meeting.

  ICANN announced a new top-level domain name application list Jingdong Sohu in column

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