Tiger domain fire Chinese entrepreneur former editor in chief of the tiger sniffing network founded

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domain name news: according to the last hoopchina.com opening of the new domain name brings us fresh not long, micro-blog came the news that the former editor of Chinese entrepreneur Li Min founded the tiger sniffing network, has been made use of the domain name huxiu.com. By entering the huxiu.com has been found to carry out normal access, home has been linked to an invitation registration prompt, since the application of "tiger" domain name adds a new case.

love net learned through Whois query, huxiu.com registered in 2000, has a history of nearly 12 years of domain name registration, the relevant mainstream suffix huxiu.com/.net/.cn have been registered. The huxiu.com is a recent change in information in April 2, 2012, suspected of purchasing from the domain name of the hands of the investor, on the date of the completion of the transfer of the transfer. According to the index that the domain name has been previously used to build a plastic factory in Wuxi station.

it is reported that the tiger sniffing network content will be jointly screened by editors and users, and then the essentials of business information processing. The tiger sniffing the network about us is written in this way: business is a taste. A businessman who is not good at smelling, is not a good tiger. Tiger sniffing is a perspective of business information and communication platform. The core of our perspective is to look at a series of star companies why ups and downs, the driving force of the tide of the industry where the most worthy of investment business.

soon after the tiger sniffing the network will be formally launched, it will give the impetuous Internet industry to bring a small fresh visual impact. With the birth of many industry insiders are optimistic about the platform, senior media person Cheng Ling Feng have expressed their own views, said very good shot by Li Min media platform, is a professional and accurate, but not doing so, is Chinese media circles a forces of righteousness, and not evil.


from the A5 information content partners love net (22.cn), please indicate the source.

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