Taobao intends to adjust the charge number of fund rules of goods based products closing time

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recently, the daily economic news reporter browse the fund company Taobao shop found that many companies began to store money in the store. Investigate its reason, it is derived from Taobao will adjust the charging rules. Informed sources told reporters that Taobao intends to levy sales and service fees to the fund, the collection of standards for each transaction amount of 3/1000.


"across the board" for the new regulations on Monetary Fund and the C fund side impact, but for other types of fund, which is a major positive, because before Ali to purchase fees and service fees charged by the platform for a total of about 6/1000.

with more and more monetary fund under the shelf, the development prospects of the fund Taobao shop full of variables.

intends to close the 1003 sales service fee

the "daily economic news" reporter login Taobao GF fund shop to see the shop home page screamed "GF pocketbook" and "GF red day" and "GF currency from September 30th will say goodbye to Taobao."".

this is not the case, a number of fund companies have already quietly Taobao store monetary fund. The reporter saw in the Huaxia Fund Taobao page, monetary fund booth has been removed. The part of the fund’s Taobao store still remaining equity fund sales, some of the company’s Taobao shop selling only index funds.

, the industry are in the next monetary fund, are these days." Beijing, a large fund company electricity supplier who told reporters.

it is understood that the main reason for some fund companies Taobao store under the framework of the monetary fund, Taobao is expected to adjust the charging rules. Informed sources told reporters that Taobao intends to fund the company’s sales and service fees, will be charged 3/1000 of the amount of each transaction.

"after the rule changes, investors purchase a charge per 1003 fee, some monetary fund annual management fee 1003, investors a year back and forth for several times, the fund must be hurt. This does not charge subscription fees of the fund and the impact of the rear end of the class C fund." The fund company electricity supplier said.

GF fund, for example, the monetary fund and Taobao aspects of the underlying changes in the charging rules directly related. It is understood that the GF fund Taobao store since it opened, the cumulative trading volume of only 700 million ~8 billion yuan, of which the IMF absolute proportion of the number of customers, the Taobao store has reached 80 thousand ~10 million, ranked the top three in the industry. Today, Taobao has changed the rules of charge, GF Monetary Fund under the frame is really helpless.

, however, under the framework of the Monetary Fund for GF fund to save a lot of labor costs. Monetary Fund under the shelf, Taobao store will not have so many customer consultation, the company no longer need to provide so many consultants." GF fund, said the electricity supplier, the human cost is one of the important cost of the fund Taobao shop, before the shop customer service has more than a dozen people, now reduced to five or six. However, the company’s overall investment in Taobao stores will not change.

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