Master Marx essay contest was officially launched

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activity content and purpose:

describe you in Marx station in dribs and drabs, positive headlines free play wise remark of an experienced person, please;

can show you the experience from different aspects, and actively create more play literary masterpiece;

rules of entry:

1, the content must be original, positive, healthy and upward, and to reflect the use of Marx site;

2, can be soft when writing, but don’t add too many links, keep the readability of the article, the limit of a link; encourage to write more articles (a 4-6 points);

3, the article must be released to the left behind (, station (, (, network owners see a


4, please send a theme in the active area, you will be the subject of the article was posted to the theme.

5, activity time 2008-7-23 to 2008-8-23;

selection criteria:

to be included in the calculation of the number of articles included in the media, including a default for 5-6 minutes, do not have to go through the audit, directly to 4 points, a number of articles can get high scores Oh;

in addition to the high popularity of the article can be appropriate points;


The number of

winners is set to 11, from the top sixth to the 11 prize for encouragement;

1, 500RMB

2, 400RMB

3, 300RMB

4, 200RMB

5, 100RMB

6-11, 50RMB

active address: Tid=54216& extra=page%3D1

: a Associated Media submission

out of date ( first, after the registration of the account, and then in the new exchange submission (enlisted area) published an article, the title of the choice of Max submission. (a 4 points, according to the popularity will be appropriate points, fish evaluation too much, how much to add)

Webmaster Station ( you can be anonymous submission can also be registered after submission (existing account without re registration, audit through a 6 points);

webmaster nets ( please register in the webmaster nets after submission (already account no need to re register, audit through a 5 points);

note: according to the level of the article can be appropriate points Oh!

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