E Chrome browser is hao123 hao qquu8 com hijacking solution

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[TechWeb] July 20th news reports, a friend asked me to grumble, say again after installing Windows 7 with a pony activation tool activated at the system, then found a new problem: the system comes with the IE browser and Chrome browser is hijacked hao123.

looked at his Windows 7 and found that, strictly speaking, it should be IE and Chrome hijacked by hao.qquu8.com/, users in the use of IE or Chrome, the browser will automatically jump from hao.qquu8.com/ to the home page.


Baidu search to hao.qquu8.com hijacked IE and Chrome results

in Baidu keyword search to http://s.hao.qquu8.com/ for a search to find relevant results, yet there are about 1300000 results! In the relevant search results, users reflect the use of 360, Kingsoft and other security tools can not solve the problem.


security software can not solve the problem, but with some friends to give advice, I recommend to you the following solution.

simply said, to solve the problem of hao.qquu8.com hijacking IE, Chrome browser (or hao123 hijacking IE and Chrome), can be divided into three steps. Details are as follows:

the first step, first in the desktop and start menu to view all the IE, Chrome browser shortcut properties, the target bar in the "http://s.hao.qquu8.com" deleted;


Chrome browser shortcut properties

special reminder:

don’t forget to enter your C:Users username AppDataRoamingMicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick Launch folder, also see the IE properties and Chrome, then the delete "http://s.hao.qquu8.com".

second step: press the combination key "Win+R" to run the command box. In the open field, type regedit.exe, enter, open the registry editor (if you pop up the user account control window, click Continue), followed by positioning:


expand the Microsoft to see if it is

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