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      development of Internet video faster than the development of the Internet a lot faster, the speed of this data we grow from US internet figures the personal wealth of the time can be seen, but fast development is not necessarily a good thing. Network video from 2006 "hot" now become "hot potato" is enough to prove this point.

      now, almost all of the video sites are facing the same confusion: how to find a good application, find a good business model, in order to achieve profitability? For the size of the domestic video website profit model, I summed up the following, I hope in the video of the Red Sea, the majority of the warriors can calm down to look at the analysis.

      a, video patch advertising

      video patch advertising is the most common mode of video website. Reflect the way: in front of video commercials, this method is equivalent to the traditional TV profit pattern abruptly to the network, there will be good results? Some people will say, network video advertisement is different from the TV ads, users of high selectivity, is the focus of the concept, precise positioning, easy monitoring; others will say, online video advertising placement is passive for users, unlike TV ads, users don’t like change in taiwan. Of course, there are more reasons to explain the advantages of network video advertisement, and the fact that more and more video sites become red. Patch advertising to profit, but the video is used for self comforting dream.

      two, specializing in the development of the official enterprise brand channel

      video website believes that enterprise brand channel is a new concept of propaganda, saving money, convenient, fast and effective means of propaganda. But in this way, like all the advertisements in the newspaper, all the advertisements are piled up together. 1 of the advertising model into the middle of the 2, the effect of how exactly, it can be imagined.

      three, the enterprise product or enterprise information as the core, adapted into a film, a series of broadcast

      if the advertisement and the monotonous enterprise propaganda channel, and the user experience is "what" tendency, the customized services of video clips, but may attract users happy to sit in front of the screen to accept the enterprise information, the interaction among them also bored.

      it is reported that the joke movie channel launched the "Jiu guest movie" customized services. With the enterprise product or business information as the core, adapted the plot twists and turns, fast paced, humorous joke electric >

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