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will exit China, domain name has been registered January 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Dong Jing) local time on January 12th 15, Google senior vice president and Chief Legal Officer David · Domde (David Drummond) on the official Google blog posting said, Google group to consider closing the "Google Chinese" website and Chinese office.


Chinese coming off the news in the China Internet community caused a sensation. The users have to express their views at the same time, some users began to prepare the relevant domain name was registered.

As of 13 evening news

Whois information query that has a large number of Google related domain name was registered, including Googlebye, Googleguanbi, Googletuichu, Googlegun and other international domain names are registered English empty, one of the most potential English international domain name has been subject to a high degree of attention, which had the world’s first high-rise "domain name and Baidu the domain name was registered by black" has a very high similarity, but also has a very high value of speculation.


insiders said that if Google left, many local search engine will face more stringent censorship and Google search, the move may be the number of kinds of the Internet Chinese high-end users as heroes move, they will not hesitate to use Google across the firewall service and recommend to the people around.

, according to industry estimates, if the Google Chinese exit market, estimates that more than 50 thousand in the Google advertising agency and search engine optimization personnel will be unemployed, more than 200 thousand individual owners will lose the enterprise network promotion, network channels for more than 1 million of the money will be affected, more than 100 million of Internet users will not be able to properly search information.

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