The fine line to local county station counter attack beyond rivals experience

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with various vertical industries occupied by many Internet elite, seems to supply our successor talent room is not very much, and I am not saying that there is no chance, but I think the people who have done very mature field we want to do some achievement is very difficult. A few days ago some local success seems to make a lot of new Internet industry grassroots see new breakthrough.


in this era of the Internet, many people think that the grass root to the world ", this sentence is very reasonable, because of this indeed in many areas such as the vertical, often big headed Zhou Hongyi 360 of the words in it because of the special nature of the industry and follow the principles of the 360 a huge success. Today I want to talk to you about the local web site, but also the operation of a small local site; I do not think that the same point in the case of the same. Before I published an article on WeChat for local marketing website article has introduced some of my own website and the website’s basic introduction, here again the simple introduction, my occupation is not the Internet, but only amateur, did a lot of website, one of the most devoted efforts is a logo associated with my professional website design, while the local site has a population of 600 thousand, a local county site. So it can be regarded as some practical experience.

and my local website is a boutique route, is to start to make some relatively rich knowledge, the upper part of the people to participate in the creation of web content. Why is this happening to me? Is this little place we want to communicate, the community site is relatively small, many people only know that the low degree of culture exchange in the QQ group platform, while the other is a small place but before a few years ago, there are several places; there is one important reason is that I know I spend time on this site will be very small, the day may be less than half an hour. My strategy is to abandon the QQ group this "grass root" tool, using the "modernization" of WeChat micro-blog and other tools. Micro-blog and WeChat, for example, of course, there are more specific route.

although some institutions had sent micro-blog’s report pointed out that the vast number of grass root are low degree of knowledge, here we do not discuss the authenticity of the report. But one thing can be explained, we are not particularly developed in the county area, many people may not even familiar with the Internet, let alone play micro-blog. The people playing micro-blog in this case is still relatively high end. So my station is the place with micro-blog to help, is the first certified enterprise micro-blog official, and user name is used in Chaling, so many people may be interactive @ to me this account, and the user name plus the official certification, to give a very formal feeling of course; as long as people comment or @ I this account I will make the appropriate reply. So I account for a few months to accumulate nearly 2000

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