Suning purchase full is going in the wrong direction the industry is heating up group purchase giant

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January 27th, Suning announced the acquisition of a wholly-owned full, and its integration into the local life division. The long rumored rumors finally been confirmed. However, Suning acquisition of full purpose is good, but did not take the wrong path, it is different.

buy industry is a giant bubble

into the second half of 2013, group purchase market warms up abruptly, and not to the user group purchase interest, because the group purchase industry has made a lot of uneven in quality users lose confidence and trust. The root cause is the rise of the mobile Internet, the Internet giant has been interested in the so-called concept of local life O2O, directly stimulating the buy industry pick up.


in October last year after the completion of the strategic investment rice group purchase, in January 24th, the two sides signed the agreement, Baidu will acquire all the sticky web of shares held by everyone, the transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2014 after the completion of the transaction, Baidu will become the single largest shareholder owned glutinous rice nets. Baidu will be glutinous rice and Baidu maps, search and other services to integrate, the goal is to O2O local life.

coincidentally, also came news of Tencent acquisition of, O2O strategy is the basic point of the Tencent, relying on WeChat, mobile phone QQ and other social networking chain to achieve rapid penetration, occupy the online Internet entrance, then online huge user resources into consumer line. In this strategy, the only lack of Tencent is offline resources, the acquisition of public comment network is in the hope that this supplement.

and Baidu, the "LBS+" group purchase ", Tencent, and WeChat + group purchase" Ali "Juhuasuan + Sina + High German" models are pointing to the almost forgotten group purchase group purchase industry, because the O2O sudden warming.

Suning acquisition of full heading in the wrong direction

Su Ning is intended for local life, O2O, the purpose is right, but in the wrong direction. Suning is currently the most urgent is the fusion of stores and entities under the line, is the store with the electricity supplier O2O, rather than the more local life O2O.

store and electricity supplier O2O, is to revitalize the assets under the line to solve the problem on the line off the line, in essence, to achieve the transformation of thinking mode, is to learn the Internet thinking. Recently, Suning switching technology system caused a big failure, seriously damaged the user experience, is a profound lesson.

Suning proposed cloud provider model, store display, even some of the ideas from the logistics experience is very good, but also the wrong direction. Suning do local life should revitalize the line under the store, which is also an important direction of its O2O. What people have to go to the line to go online? Certainly catering is an important, if Suning to store bigger and more catering operation, will be introduced into the bank outlets (to Suning Bank approved), online shopping will still have concerns about the cosmetics, food and other high-end introduction it is certainly > O2O

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