With the people to do the transaction C2C financial services platform super deal for Lenovo Group St

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C2C financial services platform "

in Shanghai super trade announced recently received a strategic investment of Lenovo Group, the future will flow in financial services cooperation, this round of investors including Shanghai too crown capital and capital institutions. Yao.

36 krypton previously reported that "super trade", which is the Internet financial investment platform to a series of "Finance + social", aimed at retail groups, in order to provide cross market and cross breed market inquiries, information subscription and transaction services for investors to share. The company was founded in 2014, 15 years in May, has received a number of senior executives from Standard Chartered Angel round of investment, RedRock Venture Fund, call off capital, such as tens of millions of Pre-A round of financing.

The five functions of

products are around social and transaction records, follow the word: firm transactions, social networking platform, direct, safe trading firm. Which follow the transaction means relying on the stock of the actual combat record ranking, real-time tracking of the transaction, to the user to push a comprehensive analysis of the effective trading data, so that users can follow the people trading. In addition to the time of the transaction, the small white users and stock up on the super trading platform for free communication, exchange stocks experience. The inside of the Master include two categories, one part is the community trading results on the stock market investors, another part is a certified broker investment adviser, is like a relationship between Taobao and Tmall.

The difference of

competition mentioned and snowball, snowball founder Huang Wen believes is a stressed UGC based community, and the "super transaction" simple and crude ", as the name suggests, all the links and messages are directly oriented transactions, and around social expansion. At present, most of the retail trade route is usually the first to view the content in the flush, snowball, then WeChat group or telephone to discuss, then went to the trading platform to complete the operation. The super deal want to do is to put all these processes together, put on a platform to complete.

founder Huang Wen told the 36 krypton, "super transaction" and other similar platforms of different point is that the team believe that an active financial group inevitably involves the discussion of the whole transaction, "like I was born a few days of trading, the stock market crash, I think there are other varieties can bring wealth gains for me." Therefore, in addition to the stock trading, the future will continue to develop more investment category.

therefore not only stocks, as well as futures, stocks and other varieties.

is a financial transaction platform for A shares of retail investors, designed to provide investors with a cross market, cross species market inquiries, information subscription and transaction sharing services. Super trading site in March this year on the line, App launched in April, has now received 100 thousand registered users, the number of live users reached 10 thousand.

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