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Spring Festival is not only a big festival, but also a big platform for brand marketing and strategic commanding heights. Whenever this grand festival comes, the major companies will seize this opportunity to do marketing publicity, to attract the attention of consumers.

a lot of people think that in the digital marketing era, as long as the idea is odd enough, creative enough good, insight and strategy does not matter. This is actually the. Any communication is only a profound insight into the times, social pain points, in order to break through the many topics, the success of the center of the topic to occupy the whole people.

in the traditional marketing era, discounts, promotions and other means is actually standing in the merchant’s own point of view, the use of human love for the psychological characteristics of cheap, to achieve the sales target. So, the actual marketing of the brand is no help, but also to attract traffic is not necessarily the original location of their own real customer base. Wait until the end of promotion, those who love to take advantage of the flow you long to forget about, then go home for don’t cheap.

1 clear goals. The spring festival marketing must be targeted, prioritize, the main goal is through a series of activities to improve the retailer’s product inventory, increase rate, and obtain a superior and vivid point of sale.

2 promotion form. Live show, buy gifts, discounts, sweepstakes are integral, common promotion way, although the old, but also the most practical way.

3 price strategy. Two pieces of X fold, buy a send first and so on are common ways, but hunger marketing rarely appear, just like the time limit and the limit of the difference, limited goods can think, but the limit is to sell a little.

4 publicity. The theme of advertising is essential, from the color, the title to the program, activities, etc., can highlight the festive atmosphere, creating holiday business opportunities.


holiday marketing must be targeted, prioritize, focus on terminal access, the main goal is through a series of activities to improve the retailer’s product inventory, increase rate, and obtain a superior and vivid point of sale.

During the

Festival, the fierce market competition, the market demand is strong, making the festival marketing activities not only requires enterprises quickly launched marketable IT products, making attractive prices, so that the target customers to get the products they need.

With the rapid spread of

and communication platform to bring social depth, the traditional professional opinion leaders in the field of network is more down to earth instead of KOL. With the rise of 90, 00 after the new generation of entertainment stars and network big V more popular, they are not only the opinion leaders, and with the fans and social interaction in depth, the spread effect is more significant.

A5 marketing ( friendship reminds you: no matter whether you are keen to spread the holiday as a marketing person, please remember that

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