BAT earnings data competition Tencent annual revenue broke the highest net profit of 1 billion

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[Abstract] earnings, Tencent 2015 total revenue of 102 billion 863 million yuan, an increase of 30% over the same period last year.

Tencent technology Jianping, March 21st, reported

with Tencent announced fourth quarter earnings last year, so far, the domestic Internet giant 2015 financial results were announced in.

annual report shows that the largest Tencent, the first in BAT revenue exceeded 100 billion. Revenue scale of second is Alibaba, Baidu is third. Alibaba is the highest net profit in BAT, up to $7 billion 494 million, the lowest net profit of Tencent.

the following is the Tencent technology inventory BAT 2015 earnings data, hoping to provide a valuable reference for the majority of investors:

Baidu first quarter net profit of

the highest change bottom situation

is different from the previous few quarters, the highest quarter net profit of Baidu, the change of the BAT at the bottom of the situation.

earnings report, Tencent 2015 fourth quarter revenue of $30 billion 441 million ($4 billion 688 million), an increase of 45% over the same period last year.

Tencent operating profit of 10 billion 888 million yuan ($1 billion 677 million), an increase of 47% over the same period last year, operating profit margin from the same period last year rose to 36% of the 35%.

Alibaba group’s fourth quarter revenue of $34 billion 543 million (about $5 billion 333 million), an increase of 32% over the same period last year. Alibaba revenue in the quarter, the highest in BAT, its revenue benefited from the 2015 double 11 electricity supplier Shopping Festival strongly promote.

, Tmall and Taobao to extract a large number of commissions and advertising fees from double 11. In November 12, 2015, Alibaba announced that, in accordance with the data show that the total turnover of 11 yuan in the total number of Alibaba’s platform on the same day reached $91 billion 200 million, of which the proportion of wireless reached 68%.

Alibaba group’s fourth quarter net profit of $12 billion 456 million (about $1 billion 923 million), an increase of 5 billion 983 million yuan over the same period last year, $108%. This also benefited from the double 11 and double the electricity supplier at the end of the big push to promote the end of 12.


total revenues for the fourth quarter of 18 billion 699 million yuan (about $2 billion 887 million), an increase of 33.1%, mobile revenue accounted for more than $56% in revenue in the same period last year was $42%. Baidu revenue in BAT as usual in the bottom, but the net profit of Baidu changed a lot.

Baidu fourth quarter net profit of 24 billion 712 million yuan (about $3 billion 815 million), an increase of 663%. Baidu net profit rose because of the net income included in the replacement of Ctrip and where equity.

Baidu in October 26, 2015 after the financial performance of where to go from earnings stripping. From the beginning of the end of December 2015, Ctrip will be on the table and where to go, Baidu will become.

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