Caifutong once again teamed together to create award winning interactive activities dragnet

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latest news: TenPay jointly launched an interactive net advertising platform I prize activities, user login caifutong advertising platform successful advertising, to our forum post reply after the experience of the advertising platform share opinions or suggestions, will have a chance to win the prize, this is the second generation of advertising pictures in July of this year I dragnet technology provides 16 specification for the second cooperation of the two.

money through advertising platform is to pay for the integration of small and medium-sized advertising resources, promote the development of e-commerce, and the introduction of the advertising exchange platform. With the concept of "resource exchange", it will create a shared and fair online advertising exchange environment for the majority of small and medium-sized e-commerce sites.

I pull a net is the first to provide free online photo generated website in typing can make beautiful pictures of the service concept, to provide online generation banner, logo, etc.. In order for the small owners, users do not need to register, only takes a few minutes to enter text in their love of the picture, can be directly to generate images, complex way instead of drawing software, make online image generation and simplification, so as to solve the webmaster encountered problems in the web pages in the picture.

currently, caifutong launched advertising platform for the majority of high quality Adsense advertising carousel plan is being carried out, when the main site in caifutong advertising platform to release the advertising has not been sold, adding carousel, caifutong advertising platform will take the initiative to buy, and long time to pay; advertisers can conduct propaganda in the tens of millions platform website, pay per click, can obtain the highest price exposure.

At present

caifutong advertising platform integration can also exchange QQ recently will open the sale of RMB exchange integral function


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