You want to ban the film broadcast of the national animation

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According to SARFT – "

network will notice on further regulating the optic frequency website animation broadcasting management regulation, since February 1, 2009, the major video sites are not allowed to show or display information of overseas animated cartoons broadcast overseas animated cartoons and animated columns introduced overseas. In the cartoon aired during this period, should be approved by the sarft.

large video sites, must be released domestic animation or domestic animation column, must broadcast homemade cartoons or homemade children’s programs, not broadcast inside and outside the film and television drama.

specific banned:




Urushibara Satoshi works

Akamatsu Ken works

Minekura Kazuno works

Gui Zhenghe works

Adachi Mitsu works


porn class

"the legend of the end of the century"

"ultimate weapon girl"

"juvenile evolution"

"poem of wind and wood"


" The students surpass the teacher.

"girl revolution"

"Western antique fruit shop"

"I" LL "


" and the


"mobile battleship"

"beautiful girl warrior"

"capture mobile team"


The "

" disc Princess


"flower right Beijing maid team"

"green space girls"

"please, teacher"

"dream demon son"

"* * paradise"

"steel angel"



"young boy"

"Chibi Maruko"


" witch in the fog

"heartbeat memories" series

"unbelievable sea orchid" love


"Sister Princess – together with brother -"

"street two",

"magic housekeeper"

Cheeky angel "


"fruit basket"

"our kingdom"



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