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famous brand Trojan online selling

"happy home", "81 software" and "Miss", "Assassin", "master" and "no horse", "Panama", "Bole", "fly horse" and "real" and "gentle horse", to see such a strange and eccentric name, most people do not think of these are, in the online trojan virus a great reputation. The use of these Trojans profit-making organizations and individuals, has formed a considerable scale of the black underground industry.

"black is critical" online is a senior Trojan developer, he has a specially developed software and Trojan studios, and a hacker engaged in various business website, the business includes hacker technology training, selling all kinds of Trojan attack sites, etc..

when a reporter asked him whether there is a "big sister" Trojan sale, "black horse" critical ": a contemptuous disregard all the same, can steal that number is a good horse, can kill (not kill antivirus software is a better horse). We are their own development, do not sell other people’s horses, and say, ‘Miss’ has long been dead, there are also false, I do not write the


he said, to sell someone else to write a Trojan program to make money, because you have to find a program to update the program. His own development, customers want what kind of Trojan can be customized, copyright is the customer, the customer needs to pay the development costs.

he said, he developed a certain can steal online payment tools and online bank account in the Trojan, the Trojan can steal the password to the network bank card and Alipay certificate. With the bank’s password card, you can directly transfer money.

he called the Trojan price 4000 yuan, the combo of the Trojan horse, a poison in the user is equivalent to two. "Black critical" for the Trojans to steal online banking account, it is not high.

for some of the "rookie", "black" and a better service: direct buy money laundering. Is he will sell some has been stolen or Alipay Internet banking account password, so that buyers themselves to take out money. "I have a Alipay account to sell 2500 yuan, guaranteed income, some account 6000 yuan, some more than ten thousand yuan." "We do not count a time, reputation is very important! I open a website, the studio opened for several years, not a bully, buy, can see, buy a horse to be able to see a horse."

in addition to the direct sale of Trojans, there are some people specializing in selling boxes". (a local hacking through the Trojan hanging on the web, when the game player accidentally browse the page after the Trojan, the Trojan will record the landing game after game player game account and password, and then sent to the specified ones. This place is called a box. Box is a pile of online accounts and passwords. The "box" price is in accordance with the number of days. 350 yuan a week, a month of 900 yuan, three yuan a month 2500 yuan.

payment, the buyer will get a box

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