Taobao police issued a fake report nearly 400 people have been arrested

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technology news December 18th noon news, today issued a "report" 2014 Taobao linkage police crackdown, in 2014, Taobao launched a joint operation with the public security organs, close by the end of December 12th, a total of 18 cases cracked cluster, destroyed more than and 200 dens selling fake, criminal suspects arrested nearly 400 people. The report also said it would continue to use big data to help law enforcement agencies to crack down on fake sources.

report data collection period from January 1, 2014 to December 12, 2014, is a joint summary of Taobao and the police to combat counterfeit situation. Because in the e-commerce platform, every transaction has been recorded in technology, each selling information are tracked, because fakes concealment and spread widely characteristics lead to the discovery of fake difficulty will be greatly solved under the traditional line. Taobao said that the report is so far, the line of the fight against fake action the most accurate data show.


report shows that in 2014, hand sorting and provide to the public security organs found around the fake information; on the one hand, with the government law enforcement agencies to carry out special operations, combat and the public security organs across the joint line of manufacturing and selling fake dens.

as of December, the two sides together cracked fake and IPR infringement cases 18 clusters, involving more than 1000 cases, destroyed more than and 200 dens selling fake, factory and line market, criminal suspects arrested nearly 400 people, involving the types of goods: sports shoes, scarves, bags, clothes, cosmetics, diet pills etc..


report also cites several key key cases, such as Shanghai, Shanghai counterfeit counterfeit sneakers cluster mask cluster, Putian counterfeit sports shoes, fake luxury mobile phone cluster cluster, cluster, cluster and other fake cigarettes special key cluster case.

According to the data analysis of Taobao

, nearly 9 of the gang selling fake from the ten area, top three regional distribution in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Southeast and other places, and reflects the characteristics of the production and sale of counterfeit goods concentrated. Such as 6 or more fake jewelry watch cases occurred in the Southern China area, more than 6 of the outdoor sports fake from the southeast region, more than 5 of the textile fake from East china. According to the mapping out of line under the professional market, Southern China, Southeast of the market and the surrounding area into several large categories of certain commodities core distribution hub.


"2014 linkage police report" also summed up some fake fake goods industry trends. The first is making the obvious regional characteristics, making and selling fake from the traditional small area gradually, and reflect the characteristics of high concentration. The second is the line for selling more subtle, few will fake directly put on sale at the counter. More meticulous division of labor, carry out their duties, according to the needs of production at any time. Finally, because some of the city fraud fame, making the formal manufacturers to carry out e-commerce business is not listed as the land of the business, in turn to other reputable cities shipped.


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