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web (World Wide Web, WWW) in March this year at the age of 25, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) scientist Tim Berners-Lee is proposed WWW project in 1989 March, this proposal was originally intended to build a more efficient CERN system, it turns out to have a profound impact on human’s global network.

WWW has two birthdays, one of which was proposed by Berners-Lee in March 12, 1989, and the other was the world’s first WWW server when it was born in August 6, 1991. The day before the 25 anniversary of the Internet Pew released a research report, the influence of network on the 25 years of American life, is in March 12th for Web’s birthday.

The essence of

is a WWW through the Internet and hyperlink (hypertext) file system interaction, allowing users to use the browser to view contains text, pictures, video or other multimedia content, at the same time by hyperlinks to roam in between them.

WWW is the rapid development of Pipex in the UK in 1992 launched a dial-up Internet service, is the first British ISP industry; in April 1993 CERN released the source code of WWW, the same year by the end of the world that has more than 500 Taiwan network server, in 1997 the world has more than 10 thousand Taiwan servers, 2000 of which are belong to for commercial purposes, and has more than 10 million Internet users.

and WWW are popular with all kinds of business activities, Amazon appeared in the world’s largest online bookstore in 1995, after becoming the world’s largest Internet retailer in the same year, Microsoft also launched IE browser; the world’s largest search engine Google was introduced in 1997.

however, too rapid development was to let the market to bear, after the market capitalization hurricane of Network Inc, the 2000.COM crisis swept the world, due to most of the network company quickly burn, there is no clear profit model, the investment losses, investors have scaled back, in addition to the advertised.COM the company’s share price fell sharply. There are a lot of.COM company put up the shutters.

after several years of rectification and silence after WWW again, the rise of broadband services, the world’s largest social networking site Facebook was born in 2004, the world’s largest video sharing site YouTube, launched in 2005, Twitter published in 2006, Apple launched in 2007 iPhone will change the mobile Internet style. Then Apple released App Store in 2008, launched in 2010 iPad, mobile photo sharing service Instagram also came out in 2010.

August 2013, Google led the establishment of A4AI cheap Internet Alliance >

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