Robin Li China’s search engine market will continue to grow rapidly in the future

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28, domestic market capitalization of 3 Internet Co head of the highest — Ma Huateng, Robin Li, Ma Yun, Shenzhen for the IT summit to sit together, but talk about the development of the Internet, is also Google out of the mainland China each one airs his own views and other hot issues.

faced with the question of the host thrown out of the mainland of China Google, Robin Li admitted that this thing has been going on for more than two months, causing concern. "As head of Baidu, I first felt the pressure." Robin Li said, there may be a lot of people worry that Baidu has become a dominant, the future will not compete, will Baidu technological progress will slow down, will Baidu user experience more and more bad, there will be more and more not Baidu advertising on the page, "this I can say that I that is not the." Robin Li said that the search industry is a very attractive industry, it has a high technical content, the market is very large, rapid growth, the business model is very good, so attract a lot of people. He further predicted: "the next 5 years or so, the Chinese search market is still a fast-growing market."

however, for Baidu in the mainland search market dominance position, Robin Li is still showing confidence. The scene yesterday, he asked Ma Huateng: "I’d like to ask pony, you do so many things at the same time, how can do so well, are you going to use what makes your search done better than Baidu?" Ma Huateng smiled and replied, "even if that is not here to say." But Ma Huateng admitted that Tencent to explore a lot of business, it is difficult to operate.

Google out of the mainland, the domestic search engine market to leave infinite daydream space. For Baidu, who is the biggest competitor in the next few years? In this regard, Robin Li said, have replaced a lot of so-called rival Baidu in ten years, mainly to do their own things to do, there will be a good development, rather than trying to rival their card dead, it is good.

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