Qin fire fire sentencing case today prosecutors said a lighter punishment

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Internet marketer Qin Zhihui

concern (screen name: Qin fire fire) alleged defamation case of trouble today, at 9 in the morning in the city of Beijing Chaoyang District people’s Court of the third court open verdict, then Beijing Chaoyang Court micro-blog will live. During the trial in April 11th, Qin Zhihui for the prosecution of the accused in court said voluntarily pleaded guilty, no opinion. The prosecutor pointed out that the defendant Qin Zhihui after appearing in court truthfully confessed crimes, punishment.

3 years more than 3000 rumors pass rumors accused of libel, disturb the crime

August 2013, Beijing police, police destroyed a deliberately spread rumors on the Internet, malicious infringement of reputation, the illegal seizure of the economic interests of the Internet marketer, Beijing Erma interactive marketing planning Co., Ltd., captured Qin Zhi Hui (screen name Qin fire fire), Yang Xiuyu (screen name Li two split four ") and the company the other two members.

police found in the survey, Qin, Yang, who has planned, created a series of network hot events, attracting fans, so that they quickly become a network celebrity. Such as the use of "Jocie Guo personal events show off their wealth deliberately hype, made up some local civil servants are required to contribute to the Red Cross, rumors, malicious attacks Chinese charity rescue system, and the famous military experts, senior media reporters, celebrities and some ordinary people as a target of attack, malicious rumors to discredit slander.

police investigation, Qin Yang duo had publicly declared: the Internet hype must be fooled netizens, making them feel that they are social injustice, the judge, only antisocial, anti system, in order to vent their discontent reality. They said publicly: "the rumor is not only to the wise, but to the next rumor". They even use obscene means of many girls want to be famous porn package, "Chinese first no limit exposure cars," the godfather of its hit heavily show the model and so is their "proud" masterpiece "". Their behavior seriously corrupt social values, the network environment pollution, causing adverse effects, there are Internet users called water army leader, and send its nickname ballad turn Chinese".

July 23, 2011, Wenzhou line railway "major traffic accident the train collision", Qin Zhihui released a message on his micro-blog, said China government spent 200 million yuan astronomical compensation for foreign visitors, just two hours later, the micro-blog was forwarded 12 thousand times, and Qin fans increased by more than 1 thousand and 500.

Qin Zhihui confessed to the police investigators, his philosophy is: must be to incite emotions and feelings of Internet users, in order to those who won the honor of a lifetime, a lifetime of accumulated wealth destroyed overnight. Qin Zhihui was arrested, deputy director of any company’s community department, responsible for network promotion, publicity. According to Qin Zhihui confession, Qin has considered themselves "preliminary famous", many netizens also called "Ballad turn China", tens of thousands of its micro-blog fans, fans and even some of the big V".

Qin Zhihui final net

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