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Baidu, more than 80% of the search market share, the annual compound growth rate of 100%, $more than and 200 shares of stock, which in the end win in

?When chatting with

and Baidu friends last week, although the initial chat topic is driving, off-road vehicles and car sites, but finally I can’t help the topic transferred to Baidu’s body, just one hour, I slowly understand exactly where Baidu won, and I feel that if opponents do not understand, Baidu’s advantage will be more and more.

Baidu’s leading edge is also true for all of China’s Web site:

website, the grasp of the details, the quality requirements are established in the system and the process of culture.

this kind of culture must be strict overall, formed in the course of time, and even a be handed down from age to age, interns, he will first day to absorb the culture.

this culture depends on our pay, this thing is no trick, Baidu will pay 1% of the efforts to enhance the user experience of 100%.

Sina, Baidu is the same, Baidu and Sina’s success is not content (because Sina has some content Sohu, nor technology (Baidu) technology is not over Google), but the people to grasp the details, and this will form a long-term accumulation of barriers, formed the core competitiveness, is not others go away.

technology can transcend, culture can not go beyond.

In fact, the contents of the above

we all understand, but can not insist for a long time, whether it is in the face of interests or difficulties can continue to adhere to, this is the key.

at the same time, natural, and no less, but in front of the cultural advantage is based to win the opportunity in front of the.

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