Taobao alliance mall station settlement network Fengeng 100 million subsidy

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September 28th, according to sources, before only part of high quality website eligible for Taobao alliance mall station settlement, has on the whole network open. In addition, Taobao mall in addition to participate in the promotion of Taobao passenger station settlement, but also set up the amount of up to 100 million yuan of subsidies, in accordance with a certain proportion of additional incentives to participate in the promotion of the webmaster.

it is understood that Taobao mall total settlement is the whole mall to participate in the promotion of Taobao merchandise can be settled Commission, greatly enhance the conversion rate of advertising. After the user clicks on the promotion of the link to enter the Taobao mall, a shopping process can be seen in the merchandise can be used to promote Taobao statistics, that can get the corresponding commission. Completely changed the previous link only corresponds to the case of a commodity or store, so that the owners can get involved in the promotion of multiple commissions.

in fact, as early as May 28th of this year, the city’s total station settlement system has been formally launched, and access to the majority of the owners sought after. But at the time, not all sites are involved in the total settlement authority, but according to the previous Taobao mall customers to promote data and provide a list of all partners, first opened nearly 200 websites. And in recent days, the city’s total station settlement system is open to the whole network, that is, all the webmaster can participate in the activities.

is to see the role of the promotion of Taobao customers, after 50% of the maximum Commission cap has been unable to meet the needs of the store promotion. September 20th, Taobao sellers can set up a commission for the promotion of Taobao customer specific channel plan, the maximum Commission cap raised to 80%, Taobao mall in the proportion of many Taobao customers greatly improved. At the same time, in addition to the Commission to promote their own, the owners can also get a total of $100 million from Taobao mall subsidies. It is reported that Taobao mall to participate in Adidas, Metersbonwe, Lenovo, UNIQLO flagship store flagship, textiles, textiles and other well-known brand flagship store owners, the proportion of subsidies more than the price of goods 10%.

for the behavior of the whole network of Taobao alliance open mall total settlement, industry analysts believe that, on the one hand, after the practice, quickly win over a core group of webmaster, let more webmaster to see the Taobao alliance’s prospects and the "money power", these owners have a strong willingness to join and demand. On the other hand, Taobao mall has more than 180 million buyers, 15000 high-quality businesses and 20000 brands, this part of the natural resources also need more webmaster to join Taobao alliance to help businesses to promote, as a bridge between buyers and sellers.

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