Damn big data on the nternet so that our choice is extremely painful

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no matter what the industry, as long as the itch point and hit the user pain point, do not worry about money. If you are Diablo, can also be understood as: as long as the amplification of human weaknesses, you can capture the user down, let you at the mercy of (let you have to pay money to pay).

Internet era, aiming at the weakness of human greed, fear, social barriers have become accustomed to bombing. For example, Tencent to ease the social barriers, 360 crazy fear cards, millet crazy hanging appetite, etc.. However, these are very successful examples, because they can cater to the maximum range of itching and pain points.

in addition to the most common point of itch outside, there are a lot of small pain itching to be solved. Among them, there is a small pain is becoming bigger and bigger, it is tangled.

What is the

entanglement? It can be difficult to untangle or untangle. Also refers to the branches of the trees around each other. In a state of confusion or confusion. Can describe the complex chaotic state situation or inner thoughts.

this is a very uncomfortable state, if traced, tangled reason is: do not know what a good choice – too many choices.

grew up with the Internet generation, tangled problem is more common. When you buy clothes, choose this or that tangle; looking for work, always reluctant to decide; do your hair, you don’t know what you love; when selecting a professional, arranged by parents; the most serious is often asked: what to eat, what to eat


would argue: if you are a man of personality, and is not a problem. Of course, it has a relationship with the character, but if you ignore the impact of the Internet, it is too high to see ourselves.

The Internet has opened up a

gate, so that information from the coming of information from all sides, the bombing of dazzling, mind is not over, so the brain swell, tangled up.

in the era of information blocking, everyone receives a small amount of information, people have fewer options, people choose, it will be relatively easy, at least one by one to compare. Of course, some people will complain about the lack of information, the choice of small.

but it’s definitely not a good thing. When you have only one cell phone in front of you, it’s easy to decide whether you want to or not. When you add a cell phone, it will take at least some time to compare. Add a phone, you may want to compare two times. When you have ten mobile phones in front of you, you may feel like you can’t do it. Plus a variety of parameters, will really make your head big.

life is really a lot of this tangle, the Internet can be sentenced to "culprit", because it ignited the information revolution ammunition.

Internet era, more, miscellaneous, complex is a disaster. We are human beings, not super computers, we can digest the information on that point, you need to be so

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