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first statement, this is not just my personal view, but many people, so I will use us to describe, a statement of the incident is not my personal experience, but that is true, if there are not very clear, I will state. I just want to YAHOO China in the past few years, some of the things in an objective way to tell you, I hope the Alibaba and all business managers are able to bring reflection and help.

August 2005 Alibaba merger YAHOO China, or YAHOO to become the largest shareholder of Alibaba, and the YAHOO China as a cost into Alibaba.

can see, when the merger occurred, the company is chaos, then the company’s existing management personnel are worried about their jobs. In addition to the stage was not orderly management team within the company, not only YAHOO north, YAHOO Taiwan, a man came in and took a joint venture with sina, of course, there are a lot of people Alibaba.

at that time, as the mentality of employees is also very confusing. A detail is between YAHOO of northern people overnight said your Alibaba, we suddenly feel dwarfed, aren’t we also called YAHOO China? YAHOO employees are proud of, after all, YAHOO is still the world’s largest Internet Co, involved in all areas of the Internet, but also influenced by the media for many years. In fact, all the big companies in foreign enterprises, are interested in fostering this proud mood, that is part of the enterprise culture, it can make the enterprise employees more stable and cohesive, so is the Alibaba, but this attitude is very poor staff training. This sentiment in the original YAHOO employees still remain somewhat, especially when YAHOO China in the leadership of the Alibaba gradually to the failure of the time, this residual emotions have more conflicts.

this conflict exists from the beginning, and after the practice of Alibaba is also deepening the conflict.

"they" and "we"

Alibaba to receive YAHOO China, sent a large number of personnel are organized in all business and all of the team made arrangements, of which there are many Alibaba is a member of the group, the others is "this is Alibaba’s FUNDER, some institutions are directly put on the Alibaba sent to the people.

YAHOO took over the company China such a business complex, indeed needed, but in any case, Alibaba are very radical approach, including a large number of personnel several funder directly stationed, but these people are not what the actual work, we don’t know how to get along with them. The only thing that gives people the feeling is to get rid of the original team, which directly led to the departure of some people. It is said to lead to this practice

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