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once time, science and technology company is the darling of the capital market, once the Internet bubble is because after a blowout caused by the excessive pursuit of Internet Co "avalanche". But even so, because of the different expectations of technology companies, so the capital market has been highly sought after object. Of course, a lot of technology companies do bring huge returns to investors, especially the growth of some start-ups is a huge wealth effect. Of course, there are a lot of examples of failure, so whether it is venture capital, or capital markets for technology companies also love and hate. Love is a high-yield high rate of return, hate is premature premature death.

2016, it’s not a very good year for tech companies. In the U.S. market, for example, media reports said that in the United States this year to start the initial public offering (IPO) of the number of technology companies may hit the lowest since the financial crisis. In this year’s listed technology companies, 60% of the stock price has fallen below the first day closing price. Although the second half of the year, there are a number of technology companies to open IPO, so that most of the time in 2016, the emergence of a shortage of listed slightly better. But compared to the past, it is still unsatisfactory. Of course, with the end of the U.S. presidential election, the market for technology companies are expected to have some changes, which may also be good news, the market is also speculated that perhaps the technology companies in 2017 is better than this year.

investment bank Union Square Advisors is expected next year, there may be as many as 90 technology companies IPO, including the Prospectus has been submitted to IPO and has expressed interest in the company listed in 2017. Morgan Stanley’s technology analysts also expect that next year there may be 30 to 40 technology companies listed, and in 2014 the number of IPO technology companies close. In fact, we see that the current technology company IPO market more rational than in the past few years. Now listed technology companies to be higher than the quality of Listed Companies in 2014, in 2015, the valuation is not so radical, which for the next year to prepare for the listing of technology companies made a good bedding.

in fact, in the past two years, the U.S. stock market once set off a wave of China stocks collective return to pre (private) trend, but later because the margin problem caused by many problems disrupted the momentum of development China A shares, so many China stocks missed the best time to return to the. Our market "immature" to make a return once possible also halted the tide. Of course, to some extent, it also stimulated the choice of technology companies listed.

in fact, the reduction in the number of listed technology companies, the market is not for the development and growth of technology companies have doubts, do not want to invest. On the contrary, as private investors valuation of start-ups are more than the open market, mutual funds, hedge funds and sovereign wealth funds and other institutions to invest in these start-ups, a large number of post investment inflows makes many start-ups hit.

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