Double eleven electricity supplier approaching A5 advertising alliance hot force

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double word must not unfamiliar people often online shopping, online shopping has evolved to the promotion war today is still so popular, soon usher in the double eleven singles, open a web site can see website in price promotions, then you will find a lot of advertising alliance in force, through diversification the means to help spread in this final year business promotion war.

recently, has had more than 5 thousands of web resources A5 advertising alliance appeared in front of us, we all know, so far, the Internet has emerged Chinese more than 3 million individual owners, according to the average station 2 sites, there have been 600 website resources available for advertisers, so in such a huge market look at these ads, which do contribution.

advertising alliance is one of the main sources of income of individual stationmaster, also is one of the largest marketing platform, Taobao, Jingdong, business platform have launched the alliance form, is the case, let the minority resources through the platform polymerization, great benefit, the achievement of personal webmaster Internet army, so formally, advertising in recent years the alliance is developing rapidly, which based on the A5 A5 brand advertising alliance is after 2 years of development, has more than 5 resources polymerization way ahead.

for double eleven, is to let more people know about this rare promotional opportunities, so many businesses choose the advertising alliance this way of communication, let users enter the mall by means of advertising businesses successfully selling products, the formation of an increasingly challenging day holiday promotions. Some commentators have pointed out that the eleven supplier of promotional activities this year last year after large-scale promotion, with the Jingdong, Suning and Gome war, consumers seem to be bearish for the promotion, so advertising demand rate increase.

is based on this, A5 advertising alliance advertising itself has rich products, advertising coverage, the crowd directed accurate delivery advantage, with the web platform to provide high-quality service for customers, it also makes the effect of control and feedback data has been greatly improved, highlights the huge market potential of its own, many the platform provides personal webmaster resources, the first time to get the certification, and advertising data timely feedback, easy to adjust according to the data, which is beneficial to the improvement and optimization of the two advertising.

with the development of electronic commerce, advertising demand increased year by year, will no longer be a single large portal advertising market era, the rise of micro-blog, WeChat is to enrich the advertising communication mode, and gradually to segments of direction, more accurate advertising to the advertising effect control. According to the analysis of the industry a well-known advertising, advertising alliance in the future will become the largest advertising market, especially this kind of similar A5 advertising alliance, has a strong small and medium-sized site resources, more businesses are willing to spend money on small precision, achieve the effect is far better than other advertising, meanwhile, will enrich the advertising products, to enter the era of personalized advertising.

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