Technology companies suspected of network marketing to sell slimming capsule suction gold more than

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yesterday, Jiangbei District Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment, the police seized the Iraq Marceau slimming capsule and some promotional materials. Correspondent Zhang Mingquan photo

Chongqing daily news yesterday, the reporter from the Jiangbei District Public Security Bureau was informed that, at the end of last year registered Chongqing Jane Technology Co., dished out the "can not lose" gimmick, absorbing slimming capsule join operators, 19800 yuan to buy 6 sets of only 1020 yuan worth of slimming capsules can join, but they like to get high returns we must pull people occupation. After investigation, they use illegal means, in the first half of the recruitment of members of more than 1400 people, involving up to about 20000000 yuan. At present, the company’s 8 key members have been controlled, millions of dollars involved in property was frozen.

"sell" diet pills two months to earn $100 thousand

police, 43 year old Jiangjin Jiang Yongqiang (a pseudonym) this is a self-employed, then the loss of business, has been looking for the opportunity to stage a comeback. In March this year, Jiang Yongqiang, an old friend recommended to him just to join operation Iraqi Marceau capsule project, told to pay 19800 yuan as long as you can get 6 sets of capsule, and can have internal network account of a company, become a franchisee, into the company "pioneering" level. The other side also said the project can not lose, immediately back to the.

The original

, joined into a new member, as long as the new member to recommend a person to join us and 6 sets of products sold 19800 Yuan Yi Marceau, he is the first time I can pay a one-time return, even if he failed to lure other new members to join, can receive three hundred or four hundred yuan monthly dividends. If the performance is good, he can advance to the "100 thousand disk" and "disk 500 thousand" and "5 million disk, up to 5 million disk" people can enjoy the basic income 1 million 230 thousand yuan.

Jiang Yongqiang eventually paid to join, and then found two capable friends to join, the two friends and attracted a lot of new members…… Two months later, Jiang Yongqiang into the "100 thousand plate", as the company’s senior franchisee, and earned 100 thousand yuan, Jiang Yongqiang also recommended to the company of excitement as a lecturer, and those who carries the dream overnight to share successful experience".

more than 1 thousand and 400 people involved in pyramid schemes

in March this year, Jiangbei District Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment received a public warning: Jiangbei District of the Yanghe River Road Mall Building C Chongqing science and technology limited company suspected of network marketing. Police have launched an investigation, and arrested several members of the backbone of the company in July 16th. July 18th, the police seized the company’s network server in Chengdu.

found a police investigation, the MLM organizations use the Internet to provinces and cities to recruit personnel, only half of the time, Chongqing, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Gansu and other more than 1 thousand and 400 people involved in the marketing organization, which involved more than 700 people in Chongqing, most of them even "Imam cable slimming capsule" didn’t see the shadow of the company. Key members of said manufacturers are working, let them.

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