CCTV secret porn site fraud tricks nternet users step by step trap

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CCTV secret porn site fraud tricks Internet users step by step trap

Beijing municipal government in April 29th of each year will be set to "capital network safety day, received a positive response from all sectors of society, improve the awareness of network security, network security assume responsibility for maintaining the network of social order, has become the consensus of the majority. Indeed, the development of Internet technology, has brought new life to our experience, but also to get in by every opening pornographic information provides channels, seriously corrupt social values. Even some websites are also under the guise of pornography fraud activities, deceptive money. Network pornography repeated, online fraud everywhere, porn website why it is difficult to sweep net?

porn fraud website many victims frequently fall into the trap

Fang sometimes love to Internet cafes to play games, one night he was playing in the cafe to play games at three or four in the morning, was playing tired and sleepy, Fang going home to sleep, but when he was ready to quit the game, game in the bottom right corner of the page pops up a small window.

party to open the pop-up page, is a so-called video nude chat site, as long as ten dollars can be registered to enter the chat room. Fang believes that ten dollars is not much, so through online banking to pay $10. However, Mr. Fang did not appear next to the video naked chat.

Fang victim: originally thought can go after the talk, but then went and found I made this ten dollars, only to go and see some room again when I want to enter, it tells me that select anchor you have to spend ten dollars, then I say twenty dollars, twenty dollars. The money was also on the line, and then I’ll go.

Fang has paid 20 yuan after the money, into one of the chat rooms. Mr. Fang said the girl on the video was so beautiful that he chatted with the chat room anchor.

Fang victim: a girl is on top of the video with you that, here is that you can talk directly, then start that details how to say, she is a beginning, because in the evening and you said some of the yellow joke, then this is similar to this kind of provocative, then that makes you a little bit to progress.

with each other constantly provocative speech, Mr. Fang is eager to see each other naked video chat. However, the other side asked him to pay a deposit of 600 yuan, in order to take off their clothes.

Fang victim: if I take it off, said at the time of service, then I can give you a look, can do some things to do some action, then said that if you want to see if you have to pay the deposit, I didn’t want to pay, she said, if I do not if you pay, in case I get you this, is like screenshots like, cut down to do the Internet, she said that this is both.

the other party is assured that Mr. Fang will not be naked in video chat

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