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website optimization has become a hot Internet marketing, a lot of people have joined the ranks, of course, there are people who have a high level of low level. Regardless of the level of everyone wants to divide the cake in the industry, in fact, some pseudo SEOER who disrupted the market, so many companies have been hurt, hindering the development of the industry.

in the website optimization is one of the most basic is Deion writing, but it seems more basic more easily ignored by people, is not easy to grasp, most of the Deion are not written, even some strong have many professional enterprise also didn’t write.

In fact,

is written here in the Baidu search site, we found that the title of the site below those words Deion. Some people think that this is nothing, but from a customer’s point of view to see what it is, from here the customer will be the first impression of the company’s image and business introduction. There is a saying that the first impression is everything, how do you feel now? Only the first impression is good, customers will generally have the next step to open your site to look carefully.

there are some companies do not write the site Deion, so in the crawl of Baidu, the content of this place is very random, Baidu robots will be easy to grab the content. In this case, the potential customers to see some of the company’s image or business may not be consistent with the content. Long ago one of the clients want to do a comprehensive network marketing program, after seeing his website shocked, Baidu is showing "copyright, etc.", customers of these things is not interested.

there are some companies know to write Deion, but the writing is a one word, wrote a lot of there. This is not correct, it should be a word, a word to express the company’s business and development direction. Maybe someone will ask: how long should this sentence, how many words to fit it?

Deion words in Baidu up to allow about 110-120 or so, but in the specific operation, not to write these full enough. According to people’s habits, the two line is good, more people are unwilling to see. This sentence must be refined, short, with a few words of the company main business includes all.

according to their own experience and share the views of others simply sum up the site optimization Deion writing methods and some of the notes:

1, be sure to write Deion;

2, Deion must be written in a word;

3, it is best to keep at the Baidu show the best of the two lines, not too much nor too little;

4, the content should be able to reflect the company’s main business, at a glance;

5, best can >

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