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technology news (Tong Yun) August 8th Beijing time news, the U.S. technology blog site TechCrunch recently published article said, Realtime has received a $100 million financing, the company is planning to build a real-time network, is currently preparing to release its developer platform in the United states. The article pointed out that this means that a new era of the Internet is coming, or it can be said that web 3 era will come, the future will have a real impact on many companies.

The following is the full text of this article:

Realtime is composed of an early stage from the Internet began operating a technology developed company, the company was named "Internet Business Technologies", has almost not through the Google search (micro-blog). Today, Realtime has just received a $100 million investment, which is designed to provide financing for the construction of real-time network plan. The company offers a developer framework that currently supports 2000 real-time client applications, but so far it can only be used outside the United states.

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, from BRZtech (three months before a newly created company, provided by private investors in Europe and South America support) and the new investment investment company The Ongoing Group Portugal, Realtime today plans to release its developer platform in the United states.

"what can I do to have devastating consequences?" Realtime CEO Andrea · Parreira (Andre Parreira) said so many years ago, he is considering how to expand the scale of their company in the international market at the time. "I look to the Internet, the Internet is still to see things based on request / 30 year history of the agreement is still running – response mode is static, cannot deliver the Internet will bring us a truly interactive experience this commitment." He said. "Well, let’s create a real-time network."

this is the goal of Realtime, the company currently offers a free value-added model based on the developer architecture, can be used to develop real-time network applications. But, rather, the financing is not only for the company itself, but also provide financing for the entire industry, including all will be around the "real time network" ambition of unfolding, so as to make the success. The company claims that more than 1000 developers have signed up to participate in its test program, and the company is planning to further expand the scope of the project through meetings, hackers marathon or other competitions.

as Parreira said, this is not a small dream, but means

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