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was originally engaged in the B2B site, local portal operators to promote, but also engaged in the promotion of health tea investment promotion work in the promotion of the most popular sentiment, and now share with my friends my experience.

, join the pretext of television advertising, promotion of good keywords. Keywords such as joining the project, small investment, especially popular to do long tail keyword promotion, such as the name of a certain brand of TV to join the project, many people search the Internet directly to the project name and details about word of mouth, rather than directly input display television advertising on the web site, so you can put this part of the user to join to attract your site to see, you want to join the project promotion.

two, Baidu know the platform, so that they become a business investment experts. Now through the Baidu know the promotion of some keywords, mostly used in Baidu know answer questions, or ask questions "join venture project website what better can recommend?" then answer with another Baidu, after two days, the method recommended corresponding project. My way is to write some investment in their own Baidu space to join relevant content, such as fake project exposure, anti fraud techniques and contract notes, to answer the questions, references to address the address space for Baidu, which is more easily adopted. I feel that only the real service for users in order to win the trust of users. You can promote the appropriate packaging, but must not be exaggerated, trying to get some initial fee, do a project not only momentary. Now people pay more and more attention to the reputation, in the "national Mianjian brand" and "national famous brand" flying, ofreputation fraud era, to establish the user really reputation, this project and enterprise can hope to long.

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three, the website and others by keyword ranking. Some web site weight is relatively high, the target keyword is more forward. So you through the Baidu search target keywords, in these on the website to register, with soft, leave your web site, and not just the simple keyword and URL can be. Another little trick is through a number of independent blog do some key words or the chain is very good, you can put your keywords ranking.

four, do a detailed analysis of the project, leaving the user information in order to return. Only for users to put themselves in consideration, we will improve this project consulting interest. Project investment page to set up online customer service system, users can directly ask questions online can also use QQ. At the bottom of the project page to provide users with a message box, and set up a mailbox (available QQ instead) and contact the phone as an option, then facilitate communication and communication with the user.

five, to join the popular business QQ group, and the establishment of entrepreneurship join QQ group and micro-blog group, group promotion and marketing micro-blog. Through the promotion of the target user QQ group is also a good push, but in the promotion of the Q group or micro-blog group, do not have any errors. Now a lot of low-level promotion is a direct spring content plus URL, or picture ad >

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